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Sterling Heights Divorce Mediator

Couples confronting divorce in Sterling Heights, Michigan can benefit from a free consultation with Theresa Rizer of Rizer Mediation.  Learn the advantages and benefits of divorce mediation and how to avoid the complex and controversial litigation process by calling (248) 705-3663.

Divorce mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution that offers an alternative option for couples that desire a less stressful way in which to dissolve their marriage.   Mediation helps couples create their own divorce agreement by facilitating productive discussion and encouraging open communication, negotiation and problem solving while thinking outside-the-box. Couples who chose mediation are more likely to adhere to their agreement as they have a better understanding of the terms and conditions of their agreement and mediation lays the groundwork for future cooperation between the parties.


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    Rizer Mediation provides:

    • A cost-effective option to dissolve a marriage.  Divorce mediation saves time and money by avoiding high attorney fees and long, drawn-out court proceedings in a congested, cumbersome legal system and allows parties to save resources for their future needs.
    • A private and confidential environment.  Unlike court proceedings, divorce mediation is strictly confidential and discussions held during the mediation process cannot be used in a court of law, helping to preserve the dignity of both parties.
    • Flexible scheduling and meeting locations.  Unlike litigation proceedings which are restricted to a court’s docket, divorce mediation with Rizer Mediation is flexible, allowing parties to meet at agreed upon times and locations and allowing parties to control the pace and timing at which the dissolution process moves forward.
    • A more amicable divorce.  Divorce mediation promotes productive communication that fosters a spirit of cooperation in lieu of adversarial exchanges between parties and attorneys.
    • Family-oriented negotiations.  Divorce mediation helps couples put their children first by considering the needs and rights of the children as well as each parent while parents try to separate their lives but keep their family intact and protected.
    • A personalized agreement.  Rizer Mediation empowers both parties, allowing them to own, be fully informed, and take control of the process while striving to reach an agreement that meets their individual needs and the needs of their children and address their individual concerns.

    Less Stress With Rizer Mediation

    Divorce is a stressful, emotionally exhausting and legally and financially complex process that can be worsened by an intimidating and adversarial legal battle.  Theresa Rizer has experience helping parties circumvent the hazards divorce litigation presents to their financial and emotional well-being by helping parties work together to create an agreement that has the best interests of both parties in mind.  Theresa Rizer has the right combination of knowledge, qualifications, and experience to help make a stressful time a little less stressful.
    Michigan attorney since 1992

    • Michigan attorney since 1992
    • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – The University of Michigan
    • Extensive training in Domestic Relations Mediation

    Contact Theresa at (248) 705-3663, email her at [email protected], or arrange a meeting at 7333 Triangle Dr. Sterling Heights, Michigan 48314 and allow her to help you dissolve your marriage as quickly and painlessly as possible.