Royal Oak Divorce Mediation | Less Costly Than A Divorce Lawyer Near Royal Oak

Royal Oak Divorce Mediator

If you are couple in the greater Royal Oak area, facing the challenges of divorce and want to avoid the complex and controversial litigation process, contact Rizer Mediation for a free discussion of the advantages and benefits divorce mediation has to offer.

Divorce mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution with numerous possibilities for couples who believe they can set aside ill feelings, table their emotions, and manage their stress long enough to work together in a collaborative manner to resolve their differences.


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    The most notable benefits divorce mediation and Rizer Mediation offer are:

    • Divorce mediation saves time and money, allowing couples to avoid long, drawn-out court proceedings in a congested, cumbersome legal system and save resources for their future needs.
    • Unlike court proceedings, divorce mediation is strictly confidential and discussions held during the mediation process cannot be used in a court of law, helping to preserve the dignity of both parties.
    • Divorce mediation promotes productive communication that fosters a spirit of cooperation in lieu of adversarial exchanges between parties and attorneys.
    • Divorce mediation helps couples put their children first by considering the needs and rights of the children as well as each parent while parents try to separate their lives but keep their family intact and protected.
    • Unlike litigation which is beholden to a court’s docket, divorce mediation with Theresa Rizer is flexible, allowing parties to progress at their own pace, and can take place at a mutually agreed upon time.
    • Rizer Mediation empowers both parties, allowing them to own, be fully informed, and take control of the process while striving to reach an agreement that meets both their individual needs and the needs of their children while addressing their individual concerns.
    • With Rizer Mediation, divorce does not have to be a “zero sum game.” One party’s needs and objectives do not have to be met at the expense of the other party.

    Why Couples Choose Rizer Mediation

    Divorce is stressful, legally and financially complicated, and emotionally draining. Helping parties get past these obstacles and bring their marriage to an amicable conclusion requires a unique set of professional qualifications and experience. Theresa Rizer of Rizer Mediation has the right combination of legal and interpersonal experience to facilitate productive, real-time communication and good-faith negotiations aimed at achieving a fair and equitable resolution of your divorce while considering the necessities, desires and emotional health of both parties. Theresa Rizer has demonstrated her professionalism as a divorce mediator for couples in the Royal Oak area. She has the comprehensive legal background, strong interpersonal and relationship management skills, and the ability to approach each of her client’s situations from a neutral unbiased point of view.

    • Michigan attorney since 1992
    • Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of Michigan
    • Extensive training in Domestic Relations Mediation

    Please contact Theresa at (248) 705-3663, email her at [email protected], or arrange a meeting at 123 South Main St. Royal Oak, Michigan 48067. Her professional mediation services can facilitate open and productive communication regarding every detail of your divorce agreement.