Novi Divorce Mediation | Less Costly Than A Novi Divorce Lawyer

Novi Divorce Mediator

Divorce doesn’t have to be a long drawn-out court battle. In Novi, Michigan, divorce mediation is becoming a popular option for many couples. Theresa Rizer offers divorce mediation services in Novi, Michigan at 28175 Haggerty Road. You can learn more about the benefits of divorce mediation through a free consultation.

When both parties are willing to work together on creating an equitable divorce agreement, divorce mediation can be a cost effective alternative to hiring attorneys to represent each party. Rizer Mediation has successfully assisted many Michigan couples in drafting their divorce agreements. Theresa is an attorney and a mediator.  She understands the legal aspects of divorce and has the mediation skills necessary to facilitate non-confrontational, productive discussions in what can be an emotionally charged situation.


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    Rizer Divorce Mediation provides the following benefits:

    • Guidance.  There are a lot of decisions to be made when a couple decides to separate. Rizer Mediation guides parties through the divorce process, aiding them in identifying the issues needed to be resolved to complete the process and drafting their own divorce agreement.
    • Financial savings. Hiring one mediator is significantly less expensive than hiring two legal professionals, one to represent each party.   In addition, the mediation process generally results in a faster divorce process and less time in court, which lowers court costs for both parties.
    • Convenience.  If Novi isn’t convenient, Rizer Mediation will work with the parties to arrange a more suitable location. Meeting times are flexible to accommodate busy lifestyles.
    • Non-Adversarial atmosphere.  As a neutral, unbiased third party, a mediator is trained to facilitate productive, non-adversarial communication, diffuse unnecessary emotional distractions, and keep negotiations fact-based and on point.

    The Novi, Michigan Divorce Mediation Expert

    Theresa Rizer has the experience and training necessary to help you successfully mediate your divorce:

    • Member of the State Bar of Michigan for 25 years;
    • B.A. in Psychology from The University of Michigan;
    • Comprehensive training in Domestic Relations Mediation; and
    • Comprehensive training in Domestic Violence Screening.

    If you are considering divorce and live in the Novi area, call (248) 705-3663 for a free consultation.  Theresa can meet with you at 28175 Haggerty Road, Novi, MI 48377 or another mutually convenient location.