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Theresa Rizer

Theresa A. Rizer
[email protected]
Domestic Relations Mediator
Attorney At Law

Ms. Rizer earned her law degree from Wayne State University Law School in 1992. Prior to obtaining her law degree, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of Michigan. She completed her domestic relations mediation training at Oakland Mediation Center. As a mother of four, Ms. Rizer enjoys time with her family, traveling, outdoor recreational activities, especially baseball, and community functions.


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    Ms. Rizer completed an 8-hour domestic violence training program for mediators approved by the State Court Administrative Office.

    Ms. Rizer is a member of:

    • The State Bar of Michigan
    • The Family Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan
    • The Women Lawyers Association of Michigan
    • The Association for Conflict Resolution Southeast Michigan Chapter
    • The Family Mediation Council of Michigan


    Why litigate a divorce when you can mediate?

    Rizer Mediation is better at helping parties resolve division of property, child custody, child support, parenting time schedules, holiday schedules and post-divorce disputes than the court system because Rizer Mediation empowers parties to resolve their own conflicts and draft an agreement that best meets their needs rather than leaving their future in the hands of a judge. Rizer Mediation aids parties in crafting their own solutions by keeping the parties on task, managing communication, and creating an environment in which the parties can vent, negotiate, brainstorm, and resolve issues.

    Rizer Mediation enables parties to retain more control over the manner in which their assets and property are divided and to save money for future needs.

    Rizer Mediation helps minimize the adverse effects of divorce on children by allowing the parties to dissolve the marriage and reorganize the family on their own terms and based on their own understandings of the family situation rather than abide by terms imposed by a judge.

    Rizer Mediation allows parents to formulate a developmentally appropriate parenting time plan that takes into account their parenting principles, a vision for the care of their child, their expectation of each other, and how they intent to work together to co-parent in the future without court interference.

    Rizer Mediation provides a non-adversarial environment which helps parties focus on the needs of the children and the communication emphasized helps reduce the emotional impact on children and encourages post-divorce communication.

    Put the experience, skill and fortitude of Rizer Mediation to work for you, save time and money, and get on with your life quicker.

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