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Divorce Mediation: Change In School Venues

What happens when a parent with physical custody of a child moves and enrolls the child in a new school district? Often, the other party files a motion trying to prevent the change. The courts are seeing an increase in motions trying to prevent a parent from changing a child’s school, even if it is within 100 miles of the home the parties last resided together.


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    How Mediation Helps Resolve School Venue Issues

    In these situations, the court considers the best interest of the child. One factor the courts are considering when determining the child’s best interest is the child’s preferences. This can be very emotional for a child. The child may feel pressure to choose sides. The child may be concerned about leaving friends behind. The child may be concerned about making a parent angry or hurting a parent’s feelings. Mediation can help. Mediation allows the parties to get together and discuss these issues in a neutral environment without involving the child or court. Mediation allows the parties to come up with a resolution that best meets the need of their child and allows them to retain control of their futures.