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Child Custody Mediator

Child custody is a term that refers to the rights and responsibilities of each parent and child. It is governed by the Michigan Child Custody Act and many factors are considered when deciding child custody.


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    Child Custody Options

    In general, parents have a right to be actively involved in issues related to their child’s health and welfare, including, school related issues, economic issues, health issues, religious issues and extra curricular activities. There are various types of custody arrangements:

    Legal Custody: one parent has the responsibility of making all major decision regarding the child,

    Joint Legal Custody: both parents share decision-making about major decisions affecting the welfare of the child,

    Physical Custody: one parent provides most of the day-to-day care for the child, and

    Joint Physical Custody: a parenting time plan is created specifying times when each parent will have the child.

    Advantages Of Child Custody Mediation

    Mediation allows parents to focus on the needs of the child and to resolve child custody issues based on their understandings of the family situation rather than complying with the court’s imposed decisions. In addition, the non-adversarial nature of mediation helps reduce the emotional impact of divorce on the child and parents, encouraging post-divorce cooperation.