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Divorce Mediator vs. Divorce Attorney

Deciding to get divorced is a difficult decision. Unfortunately, it is often just the beginning of a long, emotional and stressful time for couples. Not knowing there are alternatives, couples often turn to attorneys to resolve issues such as property division or parenting issues. Simply finding the right attorney to handle the matter in the manner in which you want it to be handled can be overwhelming. People often feel the need to find an attorney who promises to “fight” on their behalf and to get them the “biggest settlement.” This is a sure-fire way to ensure that your divorce is combative and taxing. This adversarial approach can have long-lasting effects for divorcing couples or parents, creating an unnecessary rivalry among the parties. Working with a mediator allows couples to resolve issues related to divorce in a more amicable, less stressful environment and allows couples to retain control of their future and resolve issues on their own. Rizer Mediation aims to make a difficult time a little less difficult. We aim to help you have a say in how your divorce is handled, have your opinion heard, and avoid a complex and lengthy court battle.


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    Cost Comparison: Divorce Mediator vs. Divorce Attorney

    Working with a mediator can save couples time and money.  Two attorneys are retained in most divorce scenarios, one to represent and speak on behalf of each party.  Only one, impartial mediator is required for a successful mediation and a mediator’s fees are often significantly lower than an attorney’s fees.

    A mediator’s role is not to “take sides” or impose judgment.   A mediator’s role is to facilitate productive discussion and to aid couples in finding an equitable solution to issues.  A mediator allows couples to sit down, identify issues, express opinions, be heard, brainstorm ideas and come up with their own divorce agreement rather than “fight it out in court.”  Couples can discuss and resolve issues involving property division, child custody, child support, parenting time schedules and any other divorce related issues during mediation.  Unlike court hearings, mediation is completely confidential.  Although mediation times vary from case to case, most can be resolved in one to two four hour sessions rather than the months it often takes to litigate a divorce in court.

    The mediation process is significantly different, less adversarial and less costly than an aggressive court battle where attorneys “fight” on behalf of their clients.  Most importantly, mediation encourages couples to work together and move past their differences, setting a positive foundation for their future relationship.

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