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Divorce Mediation Versus Divorce Litigation

Litigating disputes can be a long and stressful process. Whether you are facing a divorce, child custody issue or negotiating child support, the legal battle can take many months and cost thousands of dollars to complete. Litigation also leaves the outcome of the matter in the hands of a judge or jury, often resulting in a resolution that is unsatisfactory to both parties. Mediation can save you time, money, stress and allow you and your spouse to come up with a resolution that best meets your needs and the needs of your family.

Divorce Mediation Saves Time

A legal battle can be a long and drawn out process. Parties are at the mercy of the court system. The pace and duration of the case is influenced by the availability of the judge, attorneys, the court system, appearance dates and motion dates every step of the way. In contrast, mediation allows couples to resolve issues quickly, outside of the courtroom and at a time convenient for both spouses. Although divorces vary in complexity, most can be resolved in one or two four to five-hour mediation sessions. Mediation allows couples to work through their differences, move forward and get on with their lives quicker.


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    Equitable Resolution for Both Parties

    Nobody can guarantee the outcome of a trial before it takes place. Nobody can predict with 100% certainty what a judge or jury will decide on any given day. When couples decided to litigate their divorce, the resolution is left in the hands of their attorneys, the judge or a jury. Often, couples leave the courtroom unhappy and disappointed with the outcome. Mediation, on the other hand, allows couples to discuss issues openly, negotiate, consider options and choose a resolution that best meets the needs of everyone involved. Mediation allows both parties to negotiate and agree upon the final resolution. This allows parties to have a voice in how their marital assets will be divided and how their children will be raised. For most couples, it behooves them to come to an agreement that they can understand and abide by rather than have a resolution dictated to them.

    Divorce Mediation Is Private

    A trial is a matter of public record. Mediation is strictly confidential. Discussion held during mediation is not admissible in a court of law. A mediator’s notes are destroyed once the mediation is complete. For their own sake and the sake of their children, many couples prefer to keep their divorce private.

    Divorce Mediation Costs Less

    Litigation is a very expensive way to resolve a dispute. Court costs and attorney’s fees can be overwhelming. The longer the divorce takes to settle, the more expensive it will be for all parties involved. Each court appearance, motion, discovery response, deposition, interrogatory and even conversation will cost money. The spouse with the most financial resources may have an advantage in a legal battle, and in the end, both parties lose as they pay unnecessary enormous fees to reach a resolution. Mediation is a more cost-effective process. Normally, a mediator’s fee is substantially less than an attorney’s fee. In addition, only one mediator is required as opposed to two attorneys and the couple can agree to split the mediator’s fee. Mediation also allows parties to avoid many court costs.

    Choose Divorce Mediation

    Rizer Mediation offers expert mediators to help you resolve your dispute. Choose Rizer Mediation and save time, money and stress while ensuring your privacy and retaining control of your future. Our mediators help couples overcome their differences, resolve their disputes, and draft their own agreement without the need for court intervention. Contact us to learn more about our mediation services.