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Divorce Mediation Advantages

There are many advantages to mediating a Michigan divorce rather than litigating a divorce:

Divorce Mediation Saves Money

Mediation is based on an hourly rate. Because mediation is a much quicker process and mediator fees are normally substantially lower than attorney fees, mediation saves money. In addition, mediation avoids costly court motions and fees. Save money for your future and mediation rather than litigate.

Divorce Mediation Saves Time

Mediation saves time and allows parties to get on with their lives quicker. Mediation avoids lengthy court proceedings. Divorce litigation can take months or even years. Although mediations differ in complexity, a normal mediation usually takes one to two 4-5 hour mediation sessions. Get on with your life quicker and mediate rather than litigate.


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    Michigan Divorce Mediation Is Less Adversarial

    Mediation is much less adversarial and intimidating than litigation. Mediation takes place in a conference room like setting where both parties have the chance to speak openly, voice their opinions and needs, consider different options, and come to a mutual agreement. The process helps parties work past anger and conflict and toward a common goal. Build bridges rather than burn bridges and mediate rather than litigate.

    Divorce Mediation Allows Parties To Maintain Control

    Mediation allows parties to retain control of their futures by designing their own divorce agreement, rather than leaving their futures in the hands of a judge. Don’t let the judge dictate the terms of your divorce agreement. Mediate your divorce and retain control of your future.

    Mediation Allows For A Better Understanding

    Mediation allows parties to have a better understanding of the terms contained in their divorce agreement. Because mediation allows the parties to design their own divorce agreement and all solutions reached during mediation must be agreed upon by both parties, parties that mediate have a better understanding of the terms contained in their divorce agreement. Understand what you are agreeing to and mediate rather than litigate.

    Michigan Divorce Mediation Is Less Stressful

    Mediation is less stressful than litigation. Mediation reduces the stress on parties and their children by promoting productive communication during the mediation process and in the future. The process generates a sense of equality among parties and encourages post-divorce communication. Make an emotional time in your life less stressful by mediating rather than litigating.

    We Can Help With Your Divorce

    Why pay a divorce attorney excessive hourly rates to speak on your behalf when you can resolve your divorce through mediation?