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What To Expect At Your Divorce Mediation Session

Prior to your first mediation session, the mediator will talk with each party to assess the dynamics between the parties, screen for domestic violence, and explain the mediation process. Once the case is deemed appropriate for mediation, the mediator will provide the parties with an Agreement to Mediate, Mediation Questionnaire, Monthly Income, and Household Furnishings forms and ask them to bring supporting documentation to the mediation session.


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    The First Divorce Mediation Session

    At the first mediation session, the mediator will give a short opening statement explaining the mediation process in more detail, answer any questions either party may have about the process, and go over certain ground rules to be maintained throughout the course of the mediation.

    The mediator will then collect background information from each party and determine where the parties are in the divorce process. The mediator will ask the party that initiated the mediation to speak first and to share any concerns, identify issues and explain what he or she needs to resolve the dispute. The mediator will then ask the respondent to do the same.

    Setting An Agenda

    Next, the parties will set an agenda and list the issues they wish to resolve in mediation. This keeps the mediation focused and on track and allows complicated issues to be broken into smaller manageable pieces. It also helps to monitor progress throughout the process.

    The Negotiation Stage

    The parties will then discuss one issue at a time and begin to negotiate. The mediator will assist the parties in choosing an order in which they would like to discuss the issues. During the negotiation stage, it is important for parties to focus on interests rather than positions. The mediator will aid the parties in brainstorming new ideas and generating options for each issue. Most importantly, the mediator will facilitate productive communication and will work with the parties to evaluate the options they generate, keep track of offers, correct any misunderstandings, and keep the parties focused.

    After An Agreement Is Reached

    After the parties have reached agreement, the mediator will prepare a Memorandum of Agreement encompassing the agreements reached during mediation. The mediator’s role during this stage of mediation is one of scrivener in helping the parties reduce the terms of their agreement in writing. The Mediation Agreement may then be incorporated into a Judgment of Divorce. The parties are encouraged to seek legal guidance in incorporating the terms of their agreement into a Judgment of Divorce and ensure all of the necessary court documentation is completed and submitted.