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Post-Divorce Mediation Agreements

It is important to address matters as thoroughly as possible when a couple gets divorced. However, even when all parties involved have done their best to cover every possible scenario, unforeseen circumstances can arise that result in a change in circumstances that affect one or both of the parties. When these unforeseen circumstances arise, it may be necessary to modify a divorce judgment. Mediation offers the same benefits and can be as effective with post-divorce disputes as it is with pre-divorce disputes.


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    Modifying a Judgment of Divorce or Mediation Agreement

    Mediation agreements are incorporated into a Judgment of Divorce and cover issues such as child custody, child support, spousal support, and division and disposal of property and assets. Mediation agreements, like divorce judgments, are written with certain assumptions about the future. Unforeseen circumstances may arise, however, that cause one or both parties to request a change to a divorce judgment or mediation agreement. These issues may include:

    • Substantial changes in income
    • Relocation of one or both parties
    • Parenting time schedules
    • Other unforeseen circumstances

    Changes Affecting Children

    The most sensitive details in any divorce are those related to children. Many times, the terms of a divorce judgment or mediation agreement need adjustment as children grow older and circumstances for both households change. Children may become involved in extracurricular activities and parenting time schedules may need to be modified. One or both parties may relocate, resulting in the need for children to change schools. One or both parties may change jobs, causing a change in work schedules. Whatever the post-divorce dispute, Rizer Mediation brings the neutrality and guided communication needed to help parents reach an agreement that best meets their needs and the needs of their children.

    We Can Help With Post Divorce Mediation

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