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Michigan Divorce Mediation Questions

What To Expect At Your Michigan Divorce Mediation Session

Prior to your first mediation session, the mediator will talk with each party to assess the dynamics between the parties, screen for domestic violence, and explain the mediation process. Once the case is deemed appropriate for mediation, the mediator will provide the parties with an Agreement to Mediate, Mediation Questionnaire, Monthly Income, and Household Furnishings forms and ask them to bring supporting documentation to the mediation session.

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Michigan Divorce Mediation Versus Divorce Litigation

Litigating disputes can be a long and stressful process. Whether you are facing a divorce, child custody issue or negotiating child support, the legal battle can take many months and cost thousands of dollars to complete. Litigation also leaves the outcome of the matter in the hands of a judge or jury, often resulting in a resolution that is unsatisfactory to both parties.

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Michigan Divorce Mediator vs. Divorce Attorney

Deciding to get divorced is a difficult decision. Unfortunately, it is often just the beginning of a long, emotional and stressful time for couples. Not knowing there are alternatives, couples often turn to attorneys to resolve issues such as property division or parenting issues. Simply finding the right attorney to handle the matter in the manner in which you want it to be handled can be overwhelming. People often feel the need to find an attorney who promises to “fight” on their behalf and to get them the “biggest settlement.” This is a sure-fire way to ensure that your divorce is combative and taxing.

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Michigan Divorce Mediation Advantages

There are many advantages to mediating a Michigan divorce rather than litigating a divorce.
Because mediation is a much quicker process and mediator fees are normally substantially lower than attorney fees, mediation saves money. In addition, mediation avoids costly court motions and fees. Save money for your future and mediation rather than litigate.

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An Overview Of The Divorce Mediation Process

The mediation process begins with an initial client interview in which the mediator explains the mediation process, gathers information and screens for domestic violence. Mediation takes place in a neutral, conference room like setting. If either party has retained an attorney, the attorney may attend mediation but is not required to do so.

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Mediating Cases Involving Domestic Violence

Mediation requires a safe, fair and non-coercive process. In order for a mediation to be successful, there needs to be a balance of power among the parties. Both parties need to feel free to discuss feelings and concerns without the possibility of retaliation so that they can negotiate effectively.

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Current issues in divorce cases involving children

What happens when a parent with physical custody of a child moves and enrolls the child in a new school district? Often, the other party files a motion trying to prevent the change.

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Four Things Every Divorcing Couple Should Know About Mediation

People often fail to recognize that although divorce may be the end of a marriage, it is not necessarily the end of a relationship. The involvement of children, family, friends and property often dictates that divorcing couples remain in contact in some manner.

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Benefits Of Michigan Divorce Mediation

Divorce can be traumatic. It’s further complicated when it involves children. Divorce arouses emotions of anger, dismay and frustration. It can also incite disputes about property and parenting time. All in all, it’s a very emotional time in one’s life.

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