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Welcome To Rizer Family Mediation – We Travel To You

Getting divorced? Need help revising a parenting time schedule? Need to resolve a post-divorce dispute?

Rizer Mediation can save you time and money by helping settle your dispute outside of court. Theresa Rizer is dedicated to making a difference by helping couples separate their lives without the high financial and emotional costs of divorce. Theresa also offers the convenience of traveling to you to conduct mediation sessions to further save you time and money.

Theresa Rizer
Theresa Rizer


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      Benefits of Divorce Mediation

      Rizer Mediation is in the business of building bridges rather than burning them. Divorce does not have to be “messy” or spiteful. Rizer Mediation encourages and promotes productive communication among the parties, assisting both parties in reaching informed decisions on difficult matters related to the welfare of their children and the division of property.

      There are several benefits in choosing divorce mediation over a legal battle:

      • Lower costs
      • Faster resolutions
      • Reduced stress
      • Neutral mediator
      • Legally binding
      • Confidentiality

      Divorce Mediation – A low cost alternative to the legal system

      Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). During mediation, Rizer Mediation serves as a neutral third party who assists a couple in discussing, negotiating and resolving their differences outside of court. The agreement reached by the parties during mediation, once signed by both parties, is a binding contract. Parties are usually able to resolve their dispute in a matter of hours, rather than the months or years it can take to resolve a dispute in the court system.

      Cost savings are simple to understand:

      • Hire one professional instead of two
      • Negotiations are done face-to-face, saving time
      • Minimal court dates

      Why Couples Choose Rizer Mediation

      Divorce can be traumatic and emotional. Helping parties end their relationship well requires skill and sensitivity. Theresa Rizer is trained in working through difficult situations, and is experienced in guiding parties through the mediation and divorce process. Her education and background provide a unique blend of legal and relational expertise that sets her clients at ease.

      • Attorney with the State Bar of Michigan since 1992
      • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
      • Trained in Domestic Relations Mediation


      “Theresa was able to answer all of our questions and helped us resolve some tough issues related to our divorce. So, glad we found her.”


      How Our Divorce Mediator Can Help

      Divorce mediation can help clients improve their lives, something our legal system is not equipped to do. Rizer Mediation encourages and promotes productive communication among parties. Theresa Rizer does her best to help parties understand the process, reducing stress, and aiding the parties in making good, informed decisions. Theresa Rizer and Rizer Mediation strive to make a difficult time as easy as possible. Contact us for a no cost consultation to discuss how we can help.


      To schedule a free consultation, use the form below or call us at 248-705-3663.