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Getting divorced? Need help revising a parenting time schedule? Need to resolve a post-divorce dispute? Rizer Mediation can save you time and money by helping you settle your dispute outside of divorce court. Theresa Rizer, a member of the State Bar of Michigan since 1992, is dedicated to servicing the legal needs of southeast Michigan residents and is committed to making a difference by helping couples separate happily without the high financial and emotional costs of divorce. Theresa will also travel to conduct mediation sessions outside of her office.


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How We Can Help Mediate Your Michigan Divorce

Divorce can be traumatic and emotional. Helping parties end their relationship requires skill and sensitivity. Rizer Mediation understands the need for and provides a relaxed, non-adversarial, low-pressure atmosphere in which parties can resolve their disputes and draft an agreement which best meets their needs and the needs of their children. Theresa Rizer is trained in working with difficult situations and is experienced in guiding parties through the mediation and divorce process. She is committed to helping clients improve their lives beyond the legal system and is in the business of building bridges rather than burning them. Rizer Mediation encourages and promotes productive communication among the parties and does its best to help parties understand the process, reduce stress, and aid the parties in making good, informed decisions. Theresa Rizer and Rizer Mediation aim to make a difficult time as easy as possible.

Michigan Divorce Mediation – A low cost alternative to the legal system

Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). It is a process in which a neutral third party, Rizer Mediation, assists parties in discussing, negotiating and resolving their differences outside of court. The agreement reached by the parties during mediation, once signed by both parties, is a binding contract. Unlike most court proceedings, mediation is strictly confidential, and parties are usually able to resolve their dispute in a matter of hours rather than months in the court system.